Working Papers
2020 Apprenticeship and Youth Unemployment [IZA] [CEPR] [CSPP]
with Pierre Cahuc (SciencesPo)
2020 Is There a Second Chance for High-School Dropouts? Evidence from a Large-Scale Correspondence Study [CSPP]
with Cécile Ballini (Dares) and Mathide Gaini (Drees)
Work in Progress
Providing Information to NEETs about the Nearest Public Assistance Agencies: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Are similarities between caseworkers and youth produce better labor market situations? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Analysis
with Pierre Villedieu (SciencesPo)
Contrats aidés pour les jeunes et préférences des employeurs
with Jean-François Giret (University of Bourgogne)
TRAJAM : Trajectoires des jeunes sur le marché du travail français
with Marie Borel (Dares) and Cindy Reist (Dares)
Is There Really a Second Chance for High-School Dropouts? An Instrumental Variable Approach